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Richard Kittlaus


Born with a competitive spirit, Richard Kittlaus first was introduced to sports at the young age of four. Between playing soccer and then basketball at age seven he developed a knack for sports and being physically active. Unfortunately his sports career ended when he stretched all the ligaments in his left knee. After many years of working and throwing out his back, his doctor suggested lifting weights to help with his ailing back. With a lack of knowledge of weights, he decided to try CrossFit as he had seen others join and was impressed with their outcomes. Ever since joining CrossFit in 2012 he has been hooked and competed in over a dozen competitions both as an individual and on a team. Richard currently holds a Level 1 CrossFit certification, CrossFit Weightlifting Level 1 and plans on gaining his USAW, US Gymnastics and CrossFit Level 2 certification this year. He hopes to one day represent CrossFit Mindset at regionals with a team.

Luci Eisen


My journey through Crossfit was VERY humbling. Outside of having really good mobility in order to execute the movements done in Crossfit, I had to learn everything from complete scratch since day 1 (no, really...first day there were double unders and I had to learn how to do regular jump rope singles). Growing up, the closest I was to an athlete was the heavy bass drum I had to carry around the field during marching band. with no guidance on exercise or nutrition, I continued to gain weight until the end of my Junior Year of high school, where I found myself weighing almost 180lbs. That was a wake up call. I started exercising and dieting and lost 30lbs before starting my senior year. As proud and accomplished as I felt, this then began a very obsessive/long road of trying to stay thin at all costs, throughout my early 20's. Exercise on the elliptical or the occasional cardio class became tedious, and motivation started to dwindle. By summer 2011, I tried Crossfit for the first time and after just TWO classes, knew it would be the very thing I needed in order to be in shape. Suddenly, my MINDSET completely changed....I no longer wanted to just be "skinny". Strength became the goal. Efficiency became the goal. My confidence grew and finally, I started to love my body not only for how it looked, but most of all....for what it was capable of. By fall 2012, I started coaching Crossfit and realized that every thing I was learning, I wanted to be able to teach that to someone else. I truly value being a coach and each day I work towards being better at it. 

Crossfit Level 1
Crossfit Level 2
Crossfit Weightlifting
USAW Sport Performance

Laura Frankel


Having danced since I was a toddler, I've always been active and interested
in heath and fitness.  I was introduced to CrossFit in college but was
so intimidated by the barbell at first that I hesitated to really
push myself.  It wasn’t until about a year later that I began to take
CrossFit more seriously and eventually I completely fell in love.  It
not only has helped me far surpass my initial fitness goals, but has
also provided me with a community that is constantly challenging and
motivating me as an athlete.  I received my CF Level 1 certificate in
October of 2014 and have been learning and growing as a coach since.
When CrossFit Mindset opened, I jumped on the opportunity to be apart
of a new, exciting community and am so happy I did!

BA in Cellular and Molecular Biology
MA in Spiritual Psychology
CrossFit Level 1
Vanquish Olympic Lifting

Emylee Covell


Emylee Covell was never an athlete. She never had any coordination. Or speed. Or physical skills in general. She was a fat kid with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hip Displasia who won eating contests and got a doctors note to get out of P.E. 
But at 18 her weak joints couldn't bear her 155lb load and she was in debilitating pain everyday.

Emylee only sought out wellness to avoid sickness, and after losing 40 lbs and 80% of the pain doing rehab therapy and strength training, Emylee dedicated herself to helping others find strength, mobility and pain-free living. She graduated from USC with a degree in kinesiology and theater and is CrossFit L1 and ACE certified. She developed Mobility Gains as a way to bring mobility and mindfulness to athletes, gyms and weekend warriors alike. Emylee has helped hundreds of people deal with nagging aches and pains and take control of their recovery and healing. She is passionate about being apart of the Mindset team and will continue to share the pain-free benefits of being buff and bendy. #chestbumptheworld