Mindset is a methodology using fitness as a way in to rewiring old though patterns, incorporating new belief systems, and dissolving mental blocks to increase performance but more importantly, the quality of your fitness and life. Mindset takes a different approach to the mental game by using the power of community to create a dialogue and crush mental blocks together. Then taking what we learn about ourselves from inside the box, gym, field, and applying them to other areas of our life. Simply put, Mindset uses fitness to increase human potential.


A weekly one hour class to process the mental and emotional journey of fitness in order to better achieve your goals. The classes will be a hybrid of education (concepts and theories), and processing, discussing the week's workouts to explore mental patterns so that we can rewire ourselves.


We recognize the CrossFit and Mindset methodologies as extremely powerful standalone tools. The power of CrossFit and Mindset combined is life-altering.

But why do you need it? Things seem to be going okay, right?

Well, ask yourself this: "how often do I truly challenge myself?" As children, we challenged ourselves on a near-daily basis. Whether part of a sports team, in a student drama, in a band, a spelling bee, on the playground, socially, in class, etc., we were always putting it on the line, and as a result, growing. Then the inevitiablity of adulthood creeped in, and with it came complacency. The metal and sociological muscles that were growing all those years relaxed, then atrophied. How has this change affected your life; is your drive what it was? How's your confidence at work? In social settings? Have you been able to maintain an exercise regimen? How's your diet? How do you attack life on a daily basis?

Every day when you walk into CrossFit Mindset, you'll be presented with a challenge. Not gonna lie, it's a challenge that at first may seem insurmountable to your long-atrophied mental muscles. But here's the good news: you will perform and you will overcome. You will then take that victory with you into your daily existence and you will, for the first time in years, experience growth again.

Mindset will examine your mental state throughout the process. How did you feel when you first saw the workout? What were your beliefs as the workout approached? How about during - what was you inner monologue? And after class is over and you've conquered what just an hour before seemed unconquerable, you've shattered false beliefs, we'll arm you with the tools to carry that process into your daily life.

CrossFit Mindset will make you not only a better athlete, but a better human being. And best part - we'll do it together.