Our Workout of the Day ("WOD") is an ideal class for anyone who wants to experience a high intensity, whole body, muscular endurance workout! Our experienced team of coaches design workouts around simple and functional movements that strengthens and enhances your body. Universal scalability  means that anyone, at any skill level, at any level of fitness, can jump into a class at any time and pick up the movements, the concepts, and the intensity level.

In order to participate in our Workout of the Day, it is required to take our elements series. Each new member goes through our Elements course, which is a small class setting for brand new beginners. You will learn all the fundamental movements, the proper way to move, and get personalized attention from a coach. It's a chance for us to see where you are beginning and to better coach you once you are in a class.


GRIT is a non-traditional, high energy, hour long class to get in shape and feel great! This new class is similar to boot camp or circuit style training. Grit is the class you are looking for if you like non-stop, fast-paced cardio without the heavy weightlifting! Grit blends traditional and non traditional fat burning workouts in a 60min high intensity cardiovascular combination to boost your strength, stability, balance and overall strength and power! Grit is perfect for the non-athlete or beginner athlete looking to shed weight and body fat, or for the serious athlete looking to improve overall cardiovascular performance.


Yoga complements Mindset for many reasons, aside from simple stretching before and after workouts. Our Yoga class provides athletes with the chance to improve flexibility, strength, encourage quicker recovery, improved mental strength, and an overall better performance both in workouts and everyday life. Additionally, by pairing our Workout of the Day and yoga, our members improve their: breathing, balance, body awareness, alignment, and prevent Injury. 

Our classes encourage our members to harness their different mental capacities. Due to their varying natures, this coupling creates a more balanced athlete. "Functional Fitness Yogis" are able to be competitive yet calm, ambitious yet humble, and mindful not only of the strength of their technique, but also the balance and movements of their body.


Mindset is a methodology using fitness as a way in to rewiring old thought patterns, incorporating new belief systems, and dissolving mental blocks to increase performance but more importantly, the quality of your fitness and life. Mindset takes a different approach to the mental game by using the power of community to create a dialogue and crush mental blocks together. Then taking what we learn about ourselves from inside the box, gym, field, and applying them to other areas of our life. Simply put, Mindset uses fitness to increase human potential.

MINDSET CLASSES (coming back soon!)

A weekly one hour class to process the mental and emotional journey of fitness in order to better achieve your goals. The classes will be a hybrid of education (concepts and theories), and processing, discussing the week's workouts to explore mental patterns so that we can rewire ourselves.